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>Notepad++ tips 3

>Soft tabs are enabled as follows: Settings > Preferences > Language Menu/Tab Settings > Tab size = 4 + enable “Replace by space” Advertisements

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>Notepad++ tips 2

>If auto-indentation is activated and you want to reprint code in for example a \( \LaTeX \) document with the verbatim environment, you should convert tabs into spaces, otherwise \( \LaTeX \) will not recognize the spaces as such and … Continue reading

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>R code for OLS

>Just to show the mathematics involved in computing the OLS coefficients on a simulated data set (which is a good approach to really learning econometrics): set.seed(1234)n <- 1000×1 <- rnorm(n)x2 <- runif(n)X <- cbind(1, x1, x2)k <- ncol(X)beta <- c(2, … Continue reading

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>Optimized ATLAS BLAS speed gains in R

>After reading this, I decided to give it a go myself and replaced the default Rblas.dll with the the one linked against the ATLAS library and, indeed, speed gains in matrix computations are significant. I used the C2D version linked … Continue reading

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Notepad++ tips 1

Notepad++ is a very versatile editor; I use it for programming in R and C/C++ and also as a LaTeX editor.  For programming languages the following features come in handy, i.e. (1) auto-close and (2) auto-completion.

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Configuring Code::Blocks with GSL

Youtube has a video on how to configure Code::Blocks for use with the GNU Scientific Library (GSL), see below.  There’s no sound, the platform is Linux (and Spanish apparently), but good enough to follow the changes/modifications on screen.

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What to expect

Like the title says, this blog is a vehicle for things I’m interested in from both a professional (economics, numerical methods and programming) and personal point of view (literature, music and other stuff).

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